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Distances between BS27 and other UK Postcodes / Post Codes

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The table below shows the distances between BS27 and all the other postcodes in the UK. The distances between the post codes are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate but they should be pretty reliable. The distances are displayed both in kilometers (km) and in miles and the distances between the postcodes are also calculated 'as the crow flies' i.e. point to point from BS27 postcode and by road mileage i.e. driving distances to BS27 etc. The distances from BS27 to the other postcodes are shown in ascending distance order so you effectively have the postcodes within a radius from postcode BS27... this means the postcode data is ideal for "where's my nearest" functionality that some websites require.

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This postcode site provides a free service to enable people to quickly determine the mileage between two different postcodes in the UK. I hope that you find it useful and that if you have a requirement for postcode data or distance calculation functionality in your website that you consider contacting for a quote, thanks..

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Clicking a hyperlinked post code in the postcode column will display a table like the one below but for the selected postcode area. The table is presented in order of ascending distance from postcode BS27 to the other UK postcodes. As an alternative view of the data you can also see alphabetically sorted list of postcodes and the distances between them and BS27 postcode - rather than scraping the data from multiple pages (and the free version of the postcode data is only about 80% complete anyway!) why not contact us and let us know what you are after?

Distance as the crow flies
Distance by Road
 Postcode IV25   BS27  741 km   460 miles   925 km   574 miles  
 Postcode IV21   BS27  743 km   461 miles   928 km   576 miles  
 Postcode IV24   BS27  744 km   462 miles   929 km   577 miles  
 Postcode HS7   BS27  748 km   465 miles   934 km   581 miles  
 Postcode KW10   BS27  750 km   466 miles   937 km   582 miles  
 Postcode KW9   BS27  753 km   468 miles   940 km   584 miles  
 Postcode IV26   BS27  755 km   469 miles   943 km   586 miles  
 Postcode IV28   BS27  756 km   469 miles   944 km   586 miles  
 Postcode HS6   BS27  763 km   474 miles   953 km   592 miles  
 Postcode KW8   BS27  764 km   474 miles   954 km   592 miles  
 Postcode KW7   BS27  771 km   479 miles   963 km   598 miles  
 Postcode HS5   BS27  775 km   481 miles   968 km   601 miles  
 Postcode HS4   BS27  777 km   483 miles   970 km   603 miles  
 Postcode KW6   BS27  778 km   483 miles   972 km   603 miles  
 Postcode HS3   BS27  781 km   485 miles   975 km   606 miles  
 Postcode KW5   BS27  782 km   486 miles   977 km   607 miles  
 Postcode KW3   BS27  784 km   487 miles   979 km   608 miles  
 Postcode KW2   BS27  788 km   489 miles   984 km   611 miles  
 Postcode KW11   BS27  788 km   489 miles   984 km   611 miles  
 Postcode IV27   BS27  790 km   491 miles   987 km   613 miles  
 Postcode KW1   BS27  800 km   497 miles   999 km   621 miles  
 Postcode KW13   BS27  803 km   499 miles   1003 km   623 miles  
 Postcode KW12   BS27  806 km   501 miles   1007 km   626 miles  
 Postcode HS1   BS27  807 km   501 miles   1008 km   626 miles  
 Postcode HS2   BS27  812 km   504 miles   1014 km   629 miles  
 Postcode KW14   BS27  816 km   507 miles   1019 km   633 miles  
 Postcode KW16   BS27  856 km   532 miles   1069 km   664 miles  
 Postcode KW15   BS27  858 km   533 miles   1072 km   666 miles  
 Postcode KW17   BS27  865 km   537 miles   1080 km   671 miles  
 Postcode ZE3   BS27  963 km   598 miles   1203 km   747 miles  
 Postcode ZE1   BS27  993 km   617 miles   1240 km   771 miles  
 Postcode ZE2   BS27  1013 km   629 miles   1265 km   786 miles  

You can move through the table of postcode distances in km and miles from the one postcode to the next / previous set of UK postcodes using the navigation links below...

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Need postcode data or postcode distance calculator functionality built into your website?


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